Our Presence in Pakistan

Road Stoves is proud to be one of the finest cafe restaurants of Pakistan. At Roadstoves we take pride in providing huge variety of food menu along with the delicious taste that your taste buds will forever remember. Having its branches in Quetta, Karachi, Gujranwala and Islamabad, your love towards the taste of Roadstoves makes us expand through out Pakistan to be able to deliver nothing but the best. So whenever you are looking for best restaurant in Islamabad, restaurant in Quetta, restaurant in Gujranwala search no more just visit Roadstoves for a delight to your tastes.

Restaurant in Quetta

Roadstoves brings you one of the finest restaurant in Quetta. If you're looking for fresh pizza in Quetta or fries, shakes in quetta? Look no more! Roadstoves is there to fill your appetite with the maximum pleasure for your tastebuds. With the finest quality and taste for pizza, burger, fries and shakes get a taste of undoubtedly best restaurant in Quetta Cantt, Restaurant in Quetta Millinium Mall, Restaurant in Quetta Samungli and Restaurant in Quetta BUITEMs providing taste with a class.

Restaurant in Islamabad

In the heart of Islamabad roadstoves is all set to serve you. Located in F-7 Safa Gold Mall Islamabad with an aim to be nothing but to be the among the finest restaurant in Islamabad bringing variety in Pizza, Burgers, Fries and Shakes to give you a truly unmatchable taste. Stay tuned for the best restaurant you're looking forward to in Islamabad because Roadstoves is coming soon to hit your taste as the finest restaurant in Islamabad.

Restaurant in Gujranwala

Located at the heart of the home of wrestlers, Roadstoves is second to none restaurant in Gujranwala in providing the finest quality pizza, burgers, fries and shakes. Who's to be a better judge than the people who have a good taste for all kinds of food. So visit Roadstoves now and experience the best restaurant of Gujranwala with a huge variety of menu.

Restaurant in Karachi

No matter whatever the weather is, there's always a mood for the best restaurant in Karachi and finding it won't be any difficult since Roadstoves with its huge variety of Pizza, Burgers, Fries and shakes is taking the lead. Explore through our Karachi branch and experience the pleasure for your tastebuds like never before for the best restaurant in Karachi because Roadstoves is here to hit the taste for you.

Branch Locator

Visit our branch locator to see the menu of your desired branch or contact us on the following numbers for specific branch queries/orders.


Quetta Branch Contact Numbers
Quetta Cantt. 081-2882458
Millennium Mall Quetta 0303-2561129
Samungli Road Quetta 081-2825971
BUITEMS Quetta 0335-3836597


Islamabad Branch (Safa Gold Mall, F-7) Contact Number
Islamabad Branch 0341-5258910


Gujranwala Branch Contact Number
Gujranwala Cantt. 0335-8158155

Restaurant in Pakistan

At Roadstoves, we love making food

Road Stoves is the most eminent Fast Food:

Roadstoves provides you with best quality Pizza, Burgers, Curly Fries, Shakes, Juices and many more delicious fast food products. Expanding Roadstoves branches in F-7 Safa Gold mall, Islamabad, multiple branches in Quetta and branch in Gujranwala. Don't forget to visit our outlet; we are here to HIT THE TASTE. With the main aim of Roadstoves being number one restaurant in Islamabad, Restaurant in Quetta and Restaurant in Gujranwala.